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Why advertise on our website? Well, your customer is already online so why not point them directly to your website while they are wandering around our website? Online advertising can be your best value IF your ad is in the right place. This IS your perfect location IF your target audience includes:

Corporate businesswomen
Women looking for business services and opportunities
Busy Entrepreneurial women
Local shop owners to Corporate Executives
Women In-Transition

These are the ladies that we are fortunate to have visiting our website – and they are obviously drawn to a businesswoman’s website for one reason — looking to connect with other women in business. The following advertising opportunities are just a click away:

  • Featured Business Ad (shown at the bottom of every page on our website)
    • 3 month featured business ad:  $99
    • 6 month featured business ad: $299
    • 12 month featured business ad: $699
  • Homepage Ad (shown on the homepage below the fold)
    • 3 month homepage ad: $49
    • 6 month homepage ad: $149
    • 12 month homepage ad: $399

To place an ad simply fill in the form and follow the payment links below. To ask a question, please send an email to

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