Francine Gargano Lawyer

I am a sole practitioner that practices General Law. I can help you with all of your legal needs

(908) 753-2079
Francine A. Gargano, Esq.
34 East Main Street, Somerville, NJ

I have been in business as a General Practitioner for 36 years. I have been very active in the various bar associations and have sat on boards and committees for many of them. I was the President of the Somerset County Bar Foundation as well as a Trustee for the Somerset County Bar Association. I am also an arbitrator dealing with attorney fees. My practice is vast and I handle most types of law. Some examples are: Family, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Business Law and Contracts, Historic Preservation and Estates and Probate. I also deal with the specialty of liquor license law.

(908) 753-2079

I am a Divorce Attorney, Family Mediator and Relationship Counsellor. I help mainly women going through a separation and/or divorce by offering counsel and advice via video on my Patreon Page. I wish to offer an alternative to expensive lawyer fees and constant legal billing. I offer coaching, tutorials and how-to videos to help get through your divorce a lot easier and less painfully. It is an emotional time for you, but together we can get through it. Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions.