Meet The Founder


After being downsized from Corporate America shortly after 9-11, I started my own Virtual Services business so that I could create my own future job security. Yes, I definitely work harder now managing my own company and clients; however, when business slows down I don’t find myself without a job, I simply find myself marketing even stronger and networking more actively. It all works when you have the drive and determination to succeed even beyond your imagination.

I started B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc: A Virtual Office Service Company in 2002, and two years later I was introduced to business networking. Whew…what an experience that was! I was so disappointed in the options that were available to NJ Businesswomen — being committed to high membership fees, policies and regulations shouldn’t be mandatory for women in business to enjoy each others company and expand their business contacts. Sooo….

In October, 2004, I Founded WEXNET, A Social Group for NJ Professional Women, which grew quite  successfully throughout NJ without ever implementing a membership fee, rules or regulations. I’ve always found that when you are dealing with true professionals, rules and regulations aren’t necessary. Having learned so much from New Jersey’s most exceptional businesswomen for over 8 years, I knew that expanding WEXNET to a National level would be a natural step and seamless transition. Realizing how busy our schedules can be, and recognizing how important quality networking is, I believe that online networking is a good step in the right direction. And here we are in 2018, still going strong and making powerful connections!

So that’s the professional side of me…and now here’s

“A Few Things That Most People Don’t Know About Me”:

  1. My maternal great-grandfather was the original Founder of the Italian Tribune newspaper, still being printed today in Newark, NJ.
  2. I’ve had braces behind my 2 front teeth since I had my last Orthodontist appt 30 years ago (my current dentist has no issue with them and neither do I)
  3. My first but NOT last cruise was on August 24, 1992 – sailing from Florida to the Bahamas. The same DAY that Hurricane Andrew was heading to Florida from the Bahamas. Quite a rough night at sea!
  4. I love to give old furniture new life—especially if it’s curbside! Sanding, staining, repainting or  ….whatever – I’m the gal for the job!
  5. I was married in the most beautiful historic Catholic church (built in 1887) high atop a hill in Nassau, Bahamas. So romantic!
  6. I overcame my fear of heights while volunteering with WEXNETWomen at a Habitat for Humanity building site in Newark, NJ.

Ok, now back to business….for professional women throughout the US, I invite you to become a WEXNETWoman and experience a truly empowering online businesswomens networking group. Ever since starting this amazing group, I’ve always said that I wouldn’t be able to grow it into the right direction without help from you, so please know that I always welcome comments, questions, suggestions and feedback and invite you to contact me directly at

To the continued success and strength of Businesswomen!