Your Determination Has to Exceed Your Intimidation

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Your Determination Has to Exceed Your Intimidation

So what’s your story? Everyone has one, so don’t think that you don’t. Some stories are happy and positive, while some other stories are sad and negative. But every persons story can help someone else…simply by sharing it! This is all about real women sharing moments and memories of our lives.

 How did you get where you are today? What inspired you along the way? What almost made you give up? What surprised you the most, either good or bad? Who encouraged you to never give up? Who always kept telling you that you’ll never make it?

Share your story because in the same place that you once stood, wondering “How can I do this and where do I begin?” is another woman asking herself those very same questions! Be her motivation and inspiration. Be the reason that someone starts something new today. Be the reason that someone doesn’t give up today. Be someone’s reason to move and motivate!!

Share your story, your passion project, your breakthrough moment, your fork in the road. Whatever you feel can help someone learn and live, than believe me, it’s worth sharing.

“Your Determination Has To Exceed Your Intimidation”

by Beth Iacullo – Virtual Office Services of B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc. 

Throughout my 14 years working in Corporate America, I always had a dream of doing anything but what I was doing. I spent my days working as an Executive Secretary, but I knew that there had to be a bigger and better opportunity for me, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

In 2001, I was downsized from Corporate shortly after the tragedies of 9-11. Faced with unemployment, I made the best of my situation and took my high-quality administrative skills, outgoing personality and determination to my home based office and created a “Virtual Office Services” company. I appropriately named the company B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc., which stands for Beth And Carmine Iacullo. As I always say “without the support and encouragement from my husband, Carmine, I never would have taken the chance. When you’re newlyweds with a 20-year mortgage ahead of you, leaving Corporate America to start a business didn’t seem ideal. But taking that chance has paid off….greatly!”

16 years later and I still LOVE what I do and have an impressive list of clients to prove my success. I provide the convenience of virtual secretarial services to businesses and individuals from my home based office. Not everyone has a need or the means for a full time administrative staff, so I have found that my services are a necessity.

Was it easy to start the business? Absolutely not! Well worth it? Absolutely YES! Your determination has to exceed your intimidation. If you want it bad enough, you’ll make it happen. What did I know about starting my own business? Basically less than nothing, but what I knew for sure was that I no longer wanted to live a 9to5 Corporate America schedule. Back when I started my business, there was NO social media. So all of my research came from sitting in Barnes and Noble for days on end reading business books; books on women owned businesses; books on how to start a business; books on how to do anything other than what I was currently doing. And those days at B&N paid off because 16 years later, I’m still doing what I love and I wouldn’t change a thing. I encourage you to really think about ‘what you want to be when you grow up”….and go after it!

I certainly don’t regret spending 14 years in Corporate America because I gained valuable experience and connections that still continue to help my business grow. So wherever you are and whatever your past looks like, take a chance to change your future.

As successful as B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc. has become, my advice for others contemplating a career change or lifestyle adjustment is simple “If you feel that you want more out of life than what you have today, than reach for your goals. No one can create your happiness except for you, so just do it.”


You can find out more information on B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc. by visiting their website at or calling 973-736-4290.