At WEXNET, our belief is that professional women should work together in order to grow together. Quick connections come and go, but solid connections and conversations are priceless! Our online Think-Tank was created to help you:

Stop struggling with how to grow your business
Feel as though you have your own team of professionals cheering you on
Help you sort thru the countless “Should I” “Could I?” “Would I?” moments
Focus on your business plan and soar with it….or maybe even start by writing a business plan! 
Think thru your business ideas out loud with your own personal sounding board
Figure out how to take the first or last steps in launching your own business
Discuss all of those questions and concerns that run thru your mind at 3am
Put an end to the big question “What do I want to be when I grow up”?

Do these sound like challenges that you’re currently dealing with? Voila – then this is for you! The focus of a Think-Tank is to brainstorm, problem-solve, inspire, motivate and encourage each other. If you cannot commit to doing this much, then this group is definitely NOT for you. Regardless of which professional path you walk, day-to- day challenges can be difficult to deal with. Getting involved with a Think-Tank can be the perfect solution if you!

– Space is limited to 4 professional women in each Think Tank. Why? Because anything larger loses      the effectiveness of close conversation and concentration.
– The topics and agendas are based on the individual needs of the group, but can vary from                        business start-up, marketing, networking, financing, day-to- day challenges, etc.
– The duration for each Think-Tank session is 1 hour a week for 4 weeks. This gives ample time to         discuss issues, resolve problems and get moving!
– Think-Tankers are encouraged to continue the conversation at your own pace and on your own           schedule after your monthly Think-Tank is over. You’re also welcome to join in on a new Think-         Tank at your convenience!

Would you like to participate or be a Think-Tank coordinator? A strong and reliable Coordinator of
each group ensures that all topics stay on track and that all group members contribute.
Please indicate your interest in the form:.

Note: The monthly schedule is based on the number of inquiries that we receive.