Vision & Mission Statement

The WEXNET Vision:

In 2004, WEXNET A Social Group for Professional Women was started by a New Jersey entrepreneur with a great passion for bringing powerful women together. After watching successful bridges built between NJ businesswomen, Beth Vigilante-Iacullo went on to create a dedicated online community to extend those bridges to businesswomen throughout the United States.

Having spent years meeting exceptional businesswomen, asking them what they want — and more importantly — what they don’t want in a networking group, the basis for this uniquely successful community of professional women was created. The main goal is to share client connections, business opportunities and professional referrals in a convenient and relaxing online community.

The WEXNET Mission:

Passionate about growing, connecting and sharing, WEXNETWomen collaborate to reach common goals and do not see networking as a competition. Offering a virtual networking community with the spotlight on successful women having a strong desire to succeed. “We’re not in it to win it alone — we’re in it to win it together!”

This extraordinary community is ready for you to make it yours as you build your network, knowledge and business success one WEXNETWoman at a time…all at your convenience!